2014: Five Game Changers NAACP Civil Rights Agenda

In 2014 our NAACP Units must provide our communities with the energetic leadership that will keep our concerns before all elected officials and other policy making entities. We must keep the pressure on by constant communication in person, by electronic media and all other forms of advocacy.

Our voter turnout has been historic! We defied the dire predictions that we would be deterred by all the sleazy, well-funded forces that sought to curtail our access to the ballot by shortening early voting days; and by imposing unnecessary and burdensome voter identification requirements.  But we were not deterred. Many of us stood in long lines for hours to cast our ballots in spite of the billions of dollars of opposition funding and other intimidation that was supposed to keep us from voting.

We cannot sit back now. More than ever, we must keep our eyes on the prize. The NAACP local, State and National agenda addresses our community's needs. These are the Five Game Changers adopted by our National Board:

  • Economic Stability
  • Education
  • Health
  • Public Safety
  • Voting Rights and Political Representation

Start now to increase your unit's membership. Hold meetings that offer information and strategies to accomplish our mission: To Implement the Five Game Changers. Raise the public image of the NAACP at town hall meetings; visit your local newspapers, radio and television reporters, elected officials to present them with our civil rights agenda, The Five Game Changers. Visit the schools, the courts and yes, the prisons in your area. We must be visible, vocal and vigilant.




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